Common Financial Mistakes by Retirees

Whether you have already retired or are planning on doing so soon, one thing is for certain in that you are probably carefully considering your finances.  To ensure a comfortable retirement, there are certain common financial mistakes you should be aware of and do everything you can to avoid them.

In a recent article in the San Diego Union Tribune, writer, Dave Carpenter provides seven mistakes that retirees often make and gives tips and suggestions on how to avoid them.  The seven mistakes listed are:

  1. Being conservative with money.
  2. Putting off planning.
  3. Bailing out kids.
  4. Paying too much in taxes.
  5. Using advice from friends.
  6. Ignoring health costs.
  7. Underestimating life expectancy.

Click the link above for the full article from the Union Tribune, or click the image in this post to view the article.



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