Letter of Support: Energy/Water Efficient Fields in the San Diego MLS

Over the past year and half, or so, I have been part of a group working towards the goal of adding energy & water efficiency fields to the San Diego MLS. In the past, I have written on The Importance of a ‘Green’ MLS.

Now, our group is now preparing to begin discussions with Sandicor and the various local REALTOR® associations to move forward with our proposal. At the bottom of this post is some general info created by our group, which we are sending to those who may not know anything about this effort. Realtor_Green_Logo

I am asking my colleagues to add their name to the online letter of support at: energycenter.org/mls

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please contact meBy the way… Orange County already has a whole ‘green’ section of their MLS. San Diego is behind the times! 

Please feel free to share this with any others in the industry you might know (e.g. REALTORS®, agents, appraisers, lenders, etc).

Further Info

As you know, the MLS is an essential resource for real estate agents and appraisers. You may also know that thousands of San Diego-area homes have sustainable features such as ENERGY STAR appliances, low-flow fixtures, electric vehicle charging and green certifications (LEED, Green Point Rated, etc). These features are in demand by home buyers and can add a premium to a sale price – but only if they are visible and searchable during the transaction.

To help market, compare and appraise these homes, a diverse group of industry experts (e.g. REALTORS®, lenders, and home energy auditors/inspectors) collaborated over the past year and have identified 35 energy and water efficiency fields to be incorporated into San Diego County’s Regional MLS.

The group will be presenting these features to Sandicor’s Technical User Group for consideration and seeks your support in this effort. If you agree that it would be valuable to add these fields into the MLS, please sign our letter of support today.

Mission Hills ‘WHO DAT!? Banner Hunt Contest | 2015

mission-hills-banner-contest-who-dat-burst-colorWHO DAT!? Banner Hunt Contest in Mission Hills

If you are driving around Mission Hills anytime between June through July 15, 2015, look up!

You may recognize some familiar faces, like the one below, of One Mission Realty‘s fearless broker, Troy Curnett!


Troy-Curnett-Mission-Hills-BannerThe banners are up on lamp posts throughout the Mission Hills Business Improvement District to celebrate the 2015 San Diego County Fair: A Fair to Remember.

To further support the celebration, the Mission Hills BID has put together a fun contest with the chance for participants to win a grand prize worth $500!

To learn more about the contest, how to play, and to enter to win, visit the Mission Hills BID website.


Lawnmower Trade-In Event | May 9, 2015

2015_Lawnmower Trade-in Flyer16th Annual Lawnmower Trade-In Event

County Supervisor Ron Roberts and the Air Pollution Control District invite you to Save Green, Be Green, While Cutting Green!

The 16th Annual Lawnmower Trade-In Event, taking place May 9, 2015 at 8AM at Qualcomm Stadium, is a great opportunity to trade-in old gas-powered lawnmowers for a new rechargeable electric lawnmower at a very low cost of $99.99 + tax. These new lawnmowers normally cost approximately $420, so this is an excellent deal!

For more information, click the image to view/download a PDF or visit RonRoberts.com or call 619.531.5544.

Free Shredding Event | March 28, 2015 | San Diego


One Mission Realty is hosting another annual FREE Shredding Event! (Our 5th!)

Protect Yourself, Protect the Environment!

Get a jump start on Spring cleaning!

  • Shredding done by Shred San Diego
    • Materials are ground-up (not strip-cut) on-site, then recycled.
    • Shred San Diego is AAA Certified by NAID and an Accredited Business on the BBB.
    • See ShredSanDiego.com for more information about their company.
  • Paper, staples, CDs, booklets, old prescription bottles…all ok to be shred!



Saturday March 28, 2015
9:00 AM – 11:30 AM


In Front of One Mission Realty
928 Ft. Stockton Dr. Ste 217
San Diego, CA 92103
(Our office faces Hawk St – Across from St. Vincent Church & School)


Please note:   Although the shredding truck is large, space is available until the shredding truck fills up and will be first come, first served.  Please limit to no more than 10 file boxes of materials.  If you have more, please contact us.  We are unable to guarantee the amount of space in the truck depending on how many people participate.

Please confirm your attendance:

Fill out the below form, or simply join our event page on Facebook to confirm attendance.  Don’t worry we won’t spam you or add you to any mailing lists. We dislike spam just as much as everyone!

Your Name (required):

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Any Questions?


Type the above code into the box:


Check out an Instagram video from a past event:

Holiday House Annual Charity Drive 2014

Holiday House Annual Charity Drive 2014San Diego Holiday House – 2014

We are proud to announce, we are participating once again in this year’s Holiday House, organized by the San Diego Association of REALTORS®.

Donations in the form of Gift Cards, New Toys, Clothes, Canned Food, or Home Goods can be dropped off at our office.

This year’s charity recipients of the Holiday House are:

The Angel’s Depot

YWCA – Becky’s House

Homefront San Diego

Second Chance

Wounded Warrior Homes



Help create a happy holiday season for San Diego’s wounded veterans, military families, senior citizens, women and children breaking the cycle of domestic violence. –SDAR.com

Donations will be accepted up to December 3, 2014.

Green Scene: What’s smarter, buying or leasing solar panels?

Energy costs seem to be steadily on the solar panels on roof of houserise. Concurrently, due to increasing marketing and decreasing installation costs, photovoltaic (PV) systems, or solar panels, are becoming more popular nationwide.

Depending on the neighborhood, one can easily see more homes of all sizes with roof-top solar panels. The benefits of solar panels are clear. Free energy from the sun, lower utility bills, and less dependence on public utility providers make solar panels hard to argue against.

Yet with the increasing popularity of solar panels, some homeowners, depending on how they acquired a PV system, are finding an unexpected obstacle when they go to sell their home, which can end up costing them money.

When homeowners consider installing solar panels, they generally have three options:

Purchase – Panels are bought outright, or financed.

Lease – Panels from the solar company, often with zero down payment, then a set monthly lease cost.

PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) – Similar to a lease, but with some money upfront, then a set electric rate.

There are benefits to a lease or PPA in that the homeowner does not have to worry about maintenance on the panels. Additionally, these options open up solar energy to many more homeowners who may not wish to purchase the panels.

When it comes to owning solar panels, there is evidence they increase the value of a home. A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory concluded, on average, each kilowatt of installed solar energy garners an estimated $5,900 premium in value at the time of sale.

With solar leases, however, some homeowners, at the time of sale, are finding their solar panels are costing them money and causing headaches. Like any lease, solar-leases are under contract for a specific amount of time. If the homeowner decides to sell, the home buyer must qualify on their own through the solar-lease provider.

Prospective buyers of homes with a solar-lease will need to have stellar credit. If they do qualify, but are financing the purchase of the home, the added cost of the lease may actually exceed the monthly amount their lender originally approved, thereby killing the deal. At that point, the home seller has the choice to either look for a new buyer, or lower the home’s price to make the deal work, as some homeowners are finding recently.

Despite the possible difficulties caused by a solar lease, they are not something a homeowner should fear. Unfortunately, many consumers are not being thoroughly educated about the pros and cons of purchasing versus leasing.

Solar is certainly an excellent tool to increase the energy efficiency of a home, however it is not the only tool. There are many options of varying degrees of complexity and investment available to a homeowner as well as rebates and incentives to offset costs.

It is crucial that someone considering installing solar educate themselves to find the system that works best for them.

Originally posted at SDGLN.com